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Knight Monument

Here at Lakeland Monuments LLC, we’re dedicated to helping you design the perfect memorial for your loved one. We help you every step of the way. From picking out the perfect material to customizing the finished product, we are there to assist and make the process easy and stress free.

Below you will find the various steps to designing and completing a beautiful finished product.

Desiging a Monument

Granite Northwoods Monument

Choose your style of monument -

  • Upright
  • Slant
  • Slant on Base
  • Bevel
  • Flush
  • Bronze
  • Bench

You can see a sample of each of these varieties on our Styles page.

Bronze Granite Monument

Choose your size and color -

Granite comes in a variety of colors. Dark colors show more contrast and are somewhat more expensive. We can help you choose the right granite color and size for you or your loved one.

Our bronze monuments are a great way to enhance the quality of your monument. Our team can show you the different options available if you decide to choose bronze.

Etching vs Engraving

Etching vs Engraving -

Our monuments can be either engraved or etched upon. Engraved memorials feature deeper lines and can be added to any color granite.

Etching has more detail and needs to be on a dark color. Etching has an impact on the pricing.

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Hoffman Monument

Adding the Inscription -

We work side by side with you to add an inscription and scene that you are happy with. We have many predesigned scenes or you can customize your own with thousands of clip art images. We can also create an etching layout using pictures you bring of places and experiences that were important to you or your loved one.

Monument Plan Approval

Review and Approval -

A sketch is sent to the manufacturer and a 'Proof Drawing' is made. The proof has to be signed by a family member before it is sent for engraving or etching. This affords you the opportunity to be absolutely certain the monument will come out the way you have envisioned.

Prior to delivery of the memorial, a concrete foundation is installed where the memorial will be set. Once the memorial is completed by the manufacturer, they will come periodically in the Spring through Fall time to set the new monument on the concrete foundation.

Hoffman Monument
Hoffman Monument
Start getting some design ideas by visiting our materials and styling page. It includes a comprehensive sampling of the various types of granite, styles of monuments and types of etching or engraving that we offer. We look forward to working with you in the future!