Monument Ideas

Red Granite Memorial
Memorials come in a large selection of colors, styles and varieties. Lakeland Monuments LLC is happy to assist you in choosing the perfect monument for you or your loved one. Please use the following resources to select the type of memorial you want and then contact us so we can help turn your idea into a reality.

Granite & Other Materials

Granite is the most common material used when designing a memorial. It is available in a huge variety of colors. Darker colors are best used when you want an etched memorial.

We also offer boulders to engrave upon as well as a variety of bronze plaque styles.

Grey Granite Memorial
Lighter granite is an excellent choice for engraving
Darker Granite Memorial
Darker granite can be etched upon with more detail
Boulder with Engraving
Boulders can be used as memorials or in front of businesses and homes
Bronze Plaque
Bronze plaques are becoming very popular for their premium look
Granite comes in a multitude of colors and options. This PDF has a sampling of some of the popular color choices but others are available. Speak to an expert at Lakeland Monuments LLC for assistance in picking out a color.
Samples of Granite Colors

Monument Styles

Lakeland Monuments LLC is proud to offer the following styles to personalize the memorial for you or your family member. Please make sure to check with the cemetery you are using to verify your style is accepted there.
Flush Memorial
Bevel Memorial
Slant Memorial
Upright Memorial
Upright Monument
Bronze Memorial
Bronze Plaque
Bench Memorial
Boulder Memorial

Inscription Techniques

Engraved Memorial
Engraved Memorial
Etched Memorial
Etched Memorial

Your inscription and scene can either be engraved or etched upon the granite. Engraving uses wider and deeper grooves and can be done on any type of granite. Etching involves much more detail and is best completed on darker granites so all the detail stands out. Etching has an impact on the pricing.

Here at Lakeland Monuments LLC, we’re dedicated to helping you design the perfect memorial for your loved one. Please reach out to us so we can guide you every step of the way.