Plan Ahead

Your memorial should be what you feel the design should be. Don't leave it for the surviving relatives. Today more and more people are designing and setting their memorial stone before they pass. Then they can decide for themselves size, style and color.

How it Works

Prepare Your Memorial Stone
We want you to be completely satisfied with your memorial. Our team will sit down with you to select the style, material, size and inscription that you want. Learn more about the Design Process.
Memorial Stone Before Engraving
By preparing ahead of time you save un-needed stress and concern for your family members. Your memorial is inscribed with your birthday and a space is reserved on the memorial.
Memorial Stone After Engraving
When there is a death after the memorial has been set, our team can engrave the final date on site.



We offer many services to keep your memorial looking like new. From on-site cleaning, to lettering or resetting, our team is here for you in the long run.
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